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Best UK savings account?

Discussion in 'Personal Finance' started by InvestBig, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. InvestBig

    InvestBig Registered

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    Hey guys, i'm from the Uk and wanted to know which UK bank or building society had the best interest rates in 2018? THnaks
  2. Matt

    Matt Registered

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    Nationwide have a current account that pays 5% up to £2.5k, you just need to pay in £1k a month which you can circle using standing orders. This deal has been around for a while doesn't look like its going any time soon.

    If you want to save more and have more standard savings "Wyelands Bank" have the best 1 year fix at the moment I believe.

    And if you don't want to fix Coventry usually have decent rates lately.
  3. K

    K Administrator Registered

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    8 has the best interest rates in the UK and is backed by the government so your money is secure.
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