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Pacific Financial Derivatives

NZ Licenced Forex Broker

  1. PFD-NZ
    Overview: PFD is in business since 1999; a licenced broker since 2005 and one of the very few New Zealand licensed brokers > Being a licensed broker, PFD follows stringent laws including segregation of investors' funds, maintenance of adequate net tangle assets, dealing only with licenced hedging counterparties from stringent jurisdiction. Traders' dealings with PFD are subject to oversight and monitoring by the regulated body whose aim is to protect the interest of investors.

    Features: PFD is connected with about a dozen liquidity providers and enjoys deep liquidity during all trading sessions. From a processing stand point, PFD is a 100% STP and NDD broker. PFD's hosting is at the key datacenter in Equinix NY4, USA to offer low-latency and best liquidity to its clients. PFD offers MAM accounts as well as MT4 multi-terminal. PFD has a blend of the best trading technology platform, most competitive spreads, no-restriction trading strategy and hassle-free execution. PFD prides itself as offering one of the most competitive spreads in the industry.

    Account types: PFD's most popular account types are PFDTrader, PFDPro and PFDProPlus. PFDTrader offers commission free FX trading. PFDPro and PFDProPlus offer tightest spreads bundled with positive slippage, competitive trading terms, no restriction trading strategy and charges only $1/side/lot commission.

    PFDProPlus is unique that it allows swap net out on the top of all other features of PFDPro - Net out swaps mean accurate swap values calculated for summarised unhedged position. PFD also offers FIX API accounts without any special stipulation as regards minimum funding or minimum monthly trade volume.

    Conclusion: PFD is the logical choice when looking for a broker of high end performance with a personal approach. Investors' funds are segregated and protected. PFD tops the list when it comes to transparency and fairness in dealings.
    Broker in business since 2 decades & licenced

    Good Customer Support

    Unique Features

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